Black Forest Roulade with Black Cherries

Chocolate Orange Terrine 
A Frozen dark Chocolate Dessert topped with Caramelised Orange Zest

Banoffee Pavlova 
Toffee Meringue Topped with Bananas, Toffee Sauce and Chocolate Curls

Rhubarb or Gooseberry Fool 

Lemon Syllabub 

Lemon Cream laced with White Wine

Chocolate Meringues with Raspberries

 Lemon Meringue Roulade filled with Lemon Mousse

Traditional Apple Pie

with a Warm Rich Chocolate Sauce, filled with Fresh Cream 

Various toppings: Summer Fruits, Forest Fruits, Orange, Lemon etc 

Dark or White Chocolate Cheesecake or Salted Caramel

Banana and Maple Syrup Cheesecake
Various toppings: Summer Fruits, Forest Fruits, Orange, Lemon etc 

Autumn Fruit Torte Tatin
Apples, Pears etc

Nutella Cake
A Chocolate Torte Cake flavoured with Hazelnuts

Chocolate Hazelnut Meringue
with Raspberries 

Tangy Lemon Cream Mousse

Traditional Sherry Trifle 

Chocolate or Gingerbread and Orange Trifle

Syllabub topped Trifle 

Pots au Chocolate
A rich individual Chocolate Dessert, also available in Mocha, White Chocolate or Choc Orange 

Rhubarb, Gooseberry, Peach or Mango Fool 

Baked Almond Peaches
topped with Amaretto Biscuits

Creme Framboise & Raspberry & Yoghurt light Dessert

Chocolate Fondant Pudding
with a gooey Chocolate Filling

Chocolate and Peanut Fondant Pudding

Poached Peaches or Pears
with a Raspberry Sauce 

Frozen Raspberry or Strawberry Bombe

Winter Spiced Poached Pears

With Red Wine

Mini Trio Desserts
CHOOSE ANY THREE Chocolate Brownie Squares, Shot Glass Lemon Mousse, Chocolate Mousse, Lemon Possett, Eton Mess, Macadamia, Pistachio and White Chocolate Squares

Summer Pudding
with Summer Berries and juice soaked white bread 

Autumn Pudding
with Apples, Pears, Plums, Cherries and Blackberries and juice soaked white bread 

Baked New York Cheesecake
Topped with Compote of Fruits; Blueberry, Raspberry etc. 

Chocolate and Cherry Baked Cheesecake

Pimms Jelly with Ginger, Mint & Summer Fruits 

Passion Fruit and Orange Tart 

Creme Brulee

With Raspberries, Cranberry & Orange, Mango or Banoffee 

Topped with Vanilla Cream Summer Fruits, Forest Fruits or Tropical Fruits, Banoffee or Salted Caramel

 Meringue Nests
topped with Fresh Fruit, Luxury Fruit Salad or Tropical Fruits 

Homemade Ice Cream or Sorbet
Various Flavours including Lemon, Strawberry, Banana etc 

Treacle Tart – Lemon Tart – Apricot Tart

Chocolate Mousse or Chocolate Amaretto Mousse
with Italian Almond biscuits 

Fruit Jelly
With Summer Berries & Rose Wine 

Vanilla Terrine
With Bernes & Couli 

Glazed Lemon Tart
With Raspberry & Fruit Couli 

Oranges in a Caramelised Orange & Cointreau juice 

Chocolate Roulade with Strawberries 

Salted Caramel and Chocolate Roulade

Topped with Flaked Chocolate

Brown Sugar Meringues
served with Peaches and a Raspberry Kirsch Sauce 

Chocolate Velvet Mousse Cake
with Red Berries and Couli

Blackcurrant or Raspberry Meringue Mousse
with a Fruit Coulis

Lemon Possett
topped with an Oaty Crumble with Thyme

Gooseberry and Rhubarb Possett, Or Orange and Raspberry

Rich Chocolate Torte
served with Berry Couli

Strawberry and Elderflower Torte
with a Mascarpone Cream Filling

Pannacotta Flavours
Vanilla, Cinnamon, Rose & Lemon, Rhubarb & Cardamom, Clementine & Coconut White Chocolate & Raspberry, Pomegranite

Eton Mess, Gingerbread Mess, Rhubarb & Ginger Mess, Banoffee Mess
Summer fruits with Whipped Cream and Crushed Meringue


You may like assorted cheeses from around the world served alongside your dessert accompanied with rustic bread and biscuits.