Canapes & Starters

Shot-glass Soups
Served Warm:
Tomatoes & Basil; Minted Pea; Spinach; Watercress; Carrot & Ginger; Curried Sweet Potato; Pumpkin
Served Chilled: Spanish Gazpacho; Avocado; Watercress; Broadbean & Lemongrass

Chinese Spoon Canapes
Tiger Spiced Tiger Prawns; Chicken with Lemongrass & Coconut Milk; Quails Eggs with Hollandaise Sauce; Warm Brie with Cranberry Relish

Asparagus Tips
Wrapped with Parma Ham Topped with Parmesan Cheese

Stuffed Cherry Tomatoes
Mini Mozzarella coated with Pesto

Cucumber Squares
Topped with Smoked Trout, Horseradish and Salmon Caviar

Mini Fishcakes
Bite sized Fishcakes made with Salmon, Cod and Crab, Served with Dips

Thai Fishcakes
Thai Spiced Fish Coated in Spiced Crumbs Served with Sweet Chilli Dip

Salami Cones
Filled with Cream Cheese

Mini Vol au VentsHot or Cold
Smoked Haddock;
Prawns and Dill;
Emmental Cheese;
Smoky Bacon;
Ham and Mushroom;
Roasted Vegetables;
Garlic Mushrooms;
Poached Salmon and Asparagus.

Mini Cheesy Choux Puffs
Hot or Cold Fillings as above

Mini Pastry Tartlets
or Cucumber Rounds Topped with Olives and Fresh Herbs filled with: Cream Cheese; Taramasalata; Humus; Prawn.

Buckwheat pancakes topped with Sour Cream; Smoked Salmon; Caviar and Dill; or Smoked Venison with Cranberry; Guacamole and Smoked Salmon; Brie with Cranberry; or Roasted Tomato Chutney, Quails Eggs and Dill Sauce or Smoked Trout, Beetroot and Horseradish

Pizza Whirls / Palmiers
Rolled pastry with Tomatoes and Italian cheese and herbs
Bacon; Mushroom; Anchovy; Halloumi, Mint and Harissa

Tortilla Wraps
Rolled toppings including Feta Cheese and Olives; Taramasalata; Cream Cheese; Spinach; Roasted Peppers; Thai Chicken; Minty Lamb; Duck & Plum Sauce; Coronation Chicken

Filo Parcels
Brie and Cranberry;  Stilton and Sun dried Tomatoes; Goats cheese and Roasted Peppers; Roasted Vegetables and Pesto; Garlic Mushroom; Salmon and Asparagus; Spicy Vegetable, Samosa Style, Blue Cheese and Fig

Mini Fritters
With Sweetcorn, Parsnip & Halloumi or Satay

Mini Chicken Skewers
Marinated Chicken pieces on sticks with Vegetables. Flavours available: Lemon; Lemon Garlic and Rosemary; Lemon and Tarragon; Lime and Coriander; Ginger and Orange; Mexican; Lemon Pepper; Honey and Sesame

Crostinis or Bruschetta
Toasted rings of French Bread topped with Pesto, Roasted Peppers, Blue or Cream Cheese.
•Also hot variety with Brie, Stilton, Goats Cheese or Cheddar

Mini Prawn Skewars
Flavoured with Sweet Chilli and topped with Mange-Tout Peas

Maple Glazed Parma Ham wrapped Prawns
topped with Sesame Seeds

Tomato and Goats Cheese Doughballs
topped with Pesto

Mini Drop-scones Flavoured with Olives & Rosemary, Topped with Goats Cheese and Red Peppers

Pakoras Prawn or Chicken in a Spicy Batter, Deep Fried with Mango

Mini Smoked Salmon Roulades With Dill, can be served with Oatcakes or Rye Bread

Crispy Filo Cups Served Warmed with Chilli Beef or Mexican Chicken with Onions and Peppers, Brie & Cranberry, Goats Cheese & Caramelised Onion or Peppers, Sundried Tomatoes & Stilton, Feta & Olives or Beetroot & Goats Cheese

Scallops Pan Fried and wrapped in Pancetta or Parma Ham

Crispy Duck Pancakes With Hoisin Sauce, Spring Onion and Cucumber

Mini Oatcakes Topped with Assorted Cheeses and Red Onion Chutney

Salami and Sun dried Tomato Triangles: Slices of Bread with Salami, Sun dried Tomato or Pesto; Cream Cheese

Mini Savoury Scone Halves Topped with Spicy Chicken Tikka; Coronation Chicken; Prawns and Dill; Cream Cheese and Smoked Salmon

Mini Glazed Sausages with Honey and Wholegrain Mustard, or Honey, Sesame and Soy

Mini Bucks Cocktail Sausages

Celery or Chicory Boats Topped with pieces of nuts, Cherry Tomatoes or Olives, filled with: Cream Cheese; Blue Cheese; Boursin

Prawn Kebabs Mange Tout Peas or Baby Corn and Asparagus

Devils Prunes or Cherries Wrapped with Bacon

Triangles of Wholemeal Bread Topped with Smoked Salmon

Baby New Potatoes On Sticks Coated with Parmesan Cheese and Fresh Herbs

Pinwheels Smoked Salmon; Prawns and Dill; Smoked Trout Pate & Asparagus; Asparagus and Black Pepper

Guacamole stuffed Cherry Tomatoes

Pissaladiere Squares of Short Crust Pastry topped with Tomatoes, Onions and Mozzarella Cheese. Can also be topped with Bacon pieces, Anchovy or Olives

Mini Yorkshire Puddings With Beef & Horseradish

Mini Toad in the Hole with Red Onion Gravy

Meat Balls Spicy Beef and Apple; Lamb and Mint; Turkey and Cranberry; Chicken and Tarragon

Mini Croque Monsieur squares of Bread coated with Ham, Gruyere Cheese and Dijon Mustard, baked in the oven

Posh Sausage Rolls topped with Fennel Seeds or CharSui Pork rolls with Hoisin Sauce

Spanish Mini Skewars cubes of Potato, Peppers and Chorizo on Bamboo Skewars

Mini Welsh Rarebit Cubes of Granary Bread topped with a Cheese Sauce, Mustard and Worcester Sauce, grilled

Arancini Mini Fried Rissotto Balls with Parmesan, Basil and flavoured with Sundried Tomato or Olives

Figs with Blue Cheese and Parma HamSweet Potato and Avocado Bites Roasted slices of Sweet Potato topped with crushed Avocado, Paprika and Lime topped with Cherry Tomatoes

Mini Potato Cakes with Smoked Salmon and Dill

Mini Vegetable Spring Roll with a Sweet Chilli Dip

Mini Goats Cheese, Spinach and Parmesan Savoury Muffins

Cubes of Spanish Tortilla with Onion, Potatoes or Potato, Artichoke and Spinach